Ship Manager

Reimagine fulfillment through the ShipJunction Fulfillment Manager which simplifies your workflow and reduces costs.

Greater control over shipping

Reduce your carrier shipping costs through the innovative ShipJunction Rate Manager which offers a suite of features allowing you to ship smarter and faster. Leverage money and time saving tools such as our comprehensive multi-carrier shipping portal and reporting suite.

In some cases, sometimes the lowest cost is not the overriding factor. Our system understands the relationship between time-in-transit and costs allowing you to optimize the carriers and carrier methods selected, improve the average time in transit for your packages and also leverage our sophisticated shipping engine to customize the solution for your specific needs.

Improve warehouse efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your fulfillment workflow with ShipJunction Wave Manager. Through business process automation, many of the administrative steps required to pick, pack and ship are consolidated and automated. We work with you to create a much more streamlined and productive fulfillment line in your warehouse.

ShipJunction integrates your shipping labels with the pick tickets and gift cards and allows you to organize the print sequences based upon your facility layout, inventory location and customizable preferences to ensure the most efficient pick waves through your warehouse.

Customizable Cloud platform

Drive business agility, scalability and innovation with the ShipJunction platform which is hosted in the Cloud. Reimagine your fulfillment processes and design a more efficient workflow without being constrained by the processes prescribed by rigid legacy software. Our platform is highly customizable and as your business grows, our platform will evolve and grow with you.

There is no software that you need to install and no servers that you need to integrate. Our highly flexible and scalable solution allows for unlimited users and can be accessed by any computer or a mobile device freeing you from the shackles of installed software, user licenses and IT maintenance costs.

What our clients are saying...

ShipJunction helped us to increase our shipping volume, reduce carrier and labor costs, and created new workflow efficiencies that have allowed our company to easily keep up double digit growth.

Mark Densmore
VP Operations, WineShop at Home