Rate Manager

Want the benefits of a large scale multi-carrier shipping solution without the large-scale effort? With our suite of powerful and innovative features, ShipJunction Rate Manager allows you to run your business smarter and more cost effectively

Faster fulfillment with an integrated platform

A complete integrated solution with FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL and also with the major regional carriers allows you to work smarter and focus on growing your business without needing to worry about the complexities of shipping via multiple carriers. We simplify the management of your carrier relationships with our suite of easy to use solutions.

ShipJunction Rate Manager is a centralized portal used to manage shipments across multiple carriers. Our sophisticated algorithms factor in time-in-transit and custom business rules that you can apply to select the optimal carrier. We can process orders individually or in batches and generate the carrier compliant labels.

Complete control and visibility

Enhance the visibility and control of your business with our powerful tools and comprehensive reporting. All tracking information across multiple carriers is provided in a central location and is updated live. The ShipJunction dashboard is a powerful tool allowing you get a snapshot of your entire fulfillment operations so you can easily see the progress of each of your packages. Additionally all the tracking information is automatically sent back to your order management system ensuring that all systems are aligned.

If there is ever a need to intervene and make changes, say for instance that you need to upgrade service levels to ensure delivery by a certain date, our workflow tools allow you to easily do so midstream and with minimal disruption, make individual or global shipping changes to your packages.

All the shipping results and data is easily accessible through our comprehensive suite of reporting allowing you to leverage this information to better optimize the mix of carriers and service levels. By using ShipJunction, your decision making will be more informed which will result in lower shipping costs and better customer service.

Custom shipping rules

We understand that every etailer has a unique operating environment. We have designed into our solution the ability to customize and configure specific business rules for your operations. Whether you ship Apples to Zebra printers or anything in between, there is usually some specific shipping or packaging treatment for certain items. ShipJunction Rate Manager enables you to handle all these individual cases in an automated fashion eliminating the need for manual intervention which improves your overall efficiency and reduces errors.

What our clients are saying...

We are very pleased that we went with ShipJunction to handle our mail order business. ShipJunction has enabled us to provide better customer service by giving us total visibility of our packages in one easy to understand screen and increase efficiencies (printing and packing) by using the custom Packing/Shipping Form. Going with ShipJunction was one of best decision we made this year.

Kai Man Liu
Director of IT, The Eli's Cheesecake Company