ChalkTalkSPORTS Case Study

How ChalkTalkSPORTS increased their fulfillment output by 40% without hiring any additional staff by partnering with ShipJunction

The Problem

ChalkTalkSPORTS operates 4 online storefronts along with an Amazon store. In addition to the products that are ready to pick, a big portion of their business is for personalized and made to order items. ChalkTalkSPORTS fulfills all orders from their Norwalk CT warehouse and has been growing at a tremendous rate. Chris Lynn, VP of Operations at ChalkTalkSPORTS, recognized that they needed to scale up their operations and started looking for a shipping and fulfillment solution that would be able to handle the complexity of 5 retail storefronts and 4 separate fulfillment lines, one for each of the different product types. Chris and his team partnered with ShipJunction to implement a solution that would be able to handle their long term growth objectives.

The Solution

ShipJunction delivered a solution that significantly consolidated and simplified the management of orders and shipping label generation, starting from their 5 storefronts, through to the assignment and sequencing of those orders through their 4 differentiated fulfillment lines. And finally, executing the shipping of the packages through the appropriate carrier method.

The Results

“ShipJunction has tremendously helped us simplify our fulfillment processes and delivered a solution that addressed our previous major challenges. We are now able to organize our orders for picking and production exactly how we want. By automating the manual administrative steps in shipping and fulfillment, ShipJunction has allowed us to reassign those newly freed up resources to increase output and accuracy. Finally, the key result is that we are now very confident about being able to handle our growth projections as we are much more efficient with ShipJunction.”, Chris Lynn, VP of Operations at ChalkTalkSPORTS.

With ShipJunction, ChalkTalkSports was able to increase their fulfillment output by 40% without needing to hire any additional staff

The Strategy

ShipJunction worked with the ChalkTalkSPORTS team to map the previous processes to understand where the bottlenecks and challenges were. In collaboration, new workflows were designed and ShipJunction configured their platform to the new design requirements. This was a welcome approach for Chris, given his unique operations, ShipJunction offered the flexibility to implement his ideal shipping and fulfillment workflows.

The target goals were:

  1. 1. Simplify fulfillment
  2. 2. Improve warehouse efficiency
  3. 3. Ship across multiple carriers

Solution #1: Simplify fulfillment

Prior to ShipJunction, ChalkTalkSPORTS needed to run through many manual steps to manage the orders coming from the 4 online storefronts and also from Amazon. ShipJunction’s solution provided the ability to automate all the manual work required in sorting and collating forms together, and by doing so consolidated and vastly simplified the fulfillment workflow. All orders flowed through ShipJunction, and the system recognized the originating store and generated a PDF for each order that integrated the shipping label, the packing slip, the marketing/promotion messaging along with the appropriate store branding.

This new workflow also significantly reduced errors and improved the customer experience. ShipJunction provided much more control over shipping and QA. The reporting dashboards offer a clear snapshot of the operations at any given time, highlighting any potential issues. Errors from incorrect addresses and double shipments have been eliminated.

Solution #2: Improve warehouse efficiency

Through the simplification that ShipJunction provided, ChalkTalkSPORTS no longer needs to spend large amounts of time and labor organizing the orders from the various storefronts, routing the packing slips to the appropriate fulfilment line, determining the pick and pack logic, and finally generating the shipping labels. All these manual steps were automated, vastly increasing the output of the warehouse as the administrative tasks for the team was minimized.

In addition to freeing up additional resources, ShipJunction helped better utilize those resources through the flexibility and control of the Shipping Manager. ChalkTalkSPORTS is now able to react and respond to a dynamic and changing environment where they can load balance the order flow and pick assignments depending on the customization team’s queue, shipping method and capacity of their other teams.

Solution #3: Multi-carrier Platform

ChalkTalkSPORTS uses UPS and UPS SurePost for domestic shipments and USPS for international. Prior to ShipJunction, the USPS orders would be fulfilled and have labels generated as a separate and manual process. Now, these international orders are consolidated and flow through along with the domestic ones. For domestic orders, previously the team had to interact with 3 separate UPS terminals; now that ShipJunction automatically generates the shipping labels, the terminals are not required anymore. The warehousing team now no longer needs to handle the orders differently depending on what carrier or carrier method it is used, everything flows through together and seamlessly saving valuable time and resources.


“Working with ShipJunction has made our operations significantly more efficient. They are a highly responsive and collaborative partner; we are very happy with the results and strongly recommend their solution.” Chris Lynn, VP of Operations at ChalkTalkSPORTS. eCommerce at Billy Reid.

Regain control of shipping and simplify your fulfillment workflows. Let ShipJunction demonstrate to you the great results they were able to deliver for ChalkTalkSPORTS and other clients in driving down operating costs.

ChalkTalkSPORTS is a leading sporting apparel and sporting gifts online retailer with a wide assortment across a broad spectrum of sports, including hockey, lacrosse, football, soccer and baseball just to name a few. They are dedicated to be THE GIFT Source for Sports providing great products and customer service.

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