Wave Manager

Improve the efficiency of your fulfillment workflow through intelligent business process automation. We make it simpler and faster to pick, pack and ship your products.

Automate processes

Through business process automation, many of the administrative steps required to pick, pack and ship are consolidated and automated. We create a much more streamlined and productive fulfillment line. Our Professional Services team will work with you to identify, design and implement the optimal workflow for your specific operating environment.

Our goal here is to reduce the number of touch points required from your warehouse team to fulfill your orders, and if there are any repetitive administrative steps that can be automated, we automate them for you.

In a typical fulfillment line, your team is constantly making repetitive decisions on a wide range of factors. Decisions regarding how they should organize their batch of orders before they walk through the warehouse to pick, then what aisle sequence should they follow, and what service level they should choose depending on size and weight of package, etc…. The identification and execution of these decisions is reliant on the experience of your warehouse team. We take this knowledge and codify it into the system so that it automatically executes every time, freeing up your team’s precious resources to focus on other priorities.

Maximize Productivity

ShipJunction Wave Manager helps optimize your warehouse resources to better manage your labor and pick scheduling. We sequence the print order of your integrated pick tickets and shipping labels based upon your facility layout and inventory locations. Using our sophisticated sort logic, we can group orders based on common SKUs, bin locations, aisles, service levels or by any other attributes that you may have. By creating this picking logic, your team will pick in waves through the warehouse in the most efficient path possible, reducing the amount of time and labor required to fulfill each batch of orders.

One of the key challenges with online retail is capacity planning for seasonal spikes: how do you schedule labor, train new or temporary team members, adjust to changes in service levels as customers demand quicker delivery, etc…. By simplifying your fulfillment processes and automating many of the administrative steps, we make it easier for you to plan and handle your seasonal order fluctuations. Our solution adapts to any configuration or racking changes that you implement due to seasonal demands or any other factors in general. As your business grows, we evolve and grow with you.

Reduce time and labor

The key goal of ShipJunction Wave Manager is to simplify fulfillment, and through simplification we reduce the amount of time and labor required for you to pick, pack and ship your products. This becomes a significant advantage as your fulfillment line’s capacity increases without the need to hire additional labor or invest in additional capital expenditures.

With ShipJunction hosted in cloud, you do not need to worry about legacy software, license management or additional IT maintenances costs. We provide you with the flexibility and scalability to handle your future growth requirements.

What our clients are saying...

We were having a real issue with our old system. Our shipping business was being hampered by our old system and what it could handle. We sat down with ShipJunction and told them about our "very good" problem. Since then, with the help of ShipJunction and its shipping compliance, FedEx and UPS integration, we have streamlined our systems. This has allowed us to spend less man hours processing orders and more time getting and filling orders. One of the pieces we needed was flexibility to our specific business needs. Their customer service has been terrific and we feel we have found a long term partner that will allow us to focus on what we do best, make great wine, and less time trying to get it to our customers.

Ronald L. Swank
Manager of Direct Shipping, St. Julian Wine Company, Inc.