Customizable Cloud Platform

Hosted in the cloud, our Software as a Service solution allows you to forget about the hassles of managing and maintaining software and hardware so that you can focus on your business and not on IT

No local software maintenance requirement

The ShipJunction platform is a complete Software as a Service solution hosted in the cloud. There is no software that you need to install and no servers that you need to integrate. Our highly flexible and scalable solution allows for unlimited users and can be accessed by any computer or a mobile device, freeing you from the shackles of installed software, user licenses and IT maintenance costs.

Reimagine your fulfillment processes and design a more efficient workflow without being constrained by the processes prescribed by rigid legacy software. Our platform is highly customizable, and as your business grows, our platform will evolve and grow with you.

Automatic updates

With our platform, you don’t have to ever worry about outdated software and needing to pay for newer versions. We are continuously improving our solution and adding new features and functionality. You will always benefit from our updates and upgrades free of charge.

Fast integration

Get up and running fast. With our easy file and web services data connections, we integrate seamlessly with your order management system allowing you to start saving money on carrier expenses and improving your warehouse efficiency in no time.

All tracking information is automatically sent back to your order management system ensuring that all systems are aligned so that your customers receive the most current information regarding their highly anticipated purchases.

What our clients are saying...

Since we began using ShipJunction, I have experienced more than a 20% increase in my warehouse picking rate, with far greater accuracy at the same time. Not to mention its other great features such as the all-in-one integrated shipping form, address verification, negotiated carrier rate calls and associated cost management, automatic auto-downgrading of carrier service levels for specific time in transit at greatly reduced carrier costs. The list goes on and on. I could not imagine going back to our old system, or shipping without ShipJunction!

John Salvatore
Senior Director of Operations, NapaStyle