Wine Shopt At Home Case Study

How WineShop at Home doubled their fulfillment output using less staff by partnering with ShipJunction

The Problem

WineShop At Home offers a new way to learn about, experience and shop for great wines. Their wine consultants throughout the country present in-home wine tastings, where guests can taste their wines and learn about, experience and buy wines directly from the winery. As a result of their innovative approach to wine retail, they have been experiencing rapid growth in demand which led to a need to address a common problem: how do we scale our warehousing operations in an efficient and cost effective manner? The WineShop at Home operations team was particularly focused on trying to improve their fulfillment output and reduce their shipping expenses.

The Solution

Through ShipJunction Wave Manager, WineShop at Home was able to reimagine their fulfillment workflows and designed new custom processes that eliminated bottlenecks and introduced key automated features which help significantly improve their fulfillment output. In addition to this, via ShipJunction Rate Manager, they were able to optimize their shipping expenses at the same time.

The Results

WineShop at Home was able to double its fulfillment efficiency. As a result of ShipJunction, they improved their output from 600 orders per day to 1,200 orders per day with fewer people on the team.

“ShipJunction greatly reduced the time it takes to process orders and prepare them for picking in the warehouse; thus increasing the amount of time warehouse personnel have to ship orders and allowing for more orders to be fulfilled in a single day.” , Mark Densmore, VP Operations.

The Strategy

To help WineShop at Home improve their fulfillment efficiency, ShipJunction worked with their Operations Team to identify the current constraints in their workflow. The approach to the planning was unique in that the discussions were not constrained by any legacy system limitations and began with this question: if we had the opportunity to reimagine how we do our fulfillment, how would we do it? In partnership, a new workflow was designed and ShipJunction developed and implemented the new system with substantive improvements in scalability and efficiency. The target goals were:

The target goals were:

  1. 1. Reduce the amount of manual work
  2. 2. Scale the operations to double output
  3. 3. Reduce the amount of complexity
  4. 4. Optimize shipping expenses

Solution #1: Reduce the amount of manual work

With their previous workflow, WineShop at Home needed 1 full time staff member to manage the administrative paperwork required for fulfilling orders. They printed the customer packing slip, the gift message and the shipping label each out of a different printer. The packing slip printed out by order number and then they were manually re-sorted based on box size and SKU. In addition to this, the gift message and the shipping label needed to be manually collated with the packing slip.

ShipJunction provided a solution that combined all the documents that previously printed out of 3 printers onto 1 integrated form to print out of 1 printer, in the desired order. This completely eliminated the need to collate different documents together vastly increasing the speed of fulfillment and significantly reducing errors. What used to take 3-4 hours to prepare the orders for picking and shipping, now only takes 10 minutes.

Solution #2: Scale the operations to double outputs

Due to the success of their business, WineShop at Home needed to scale their operations but aimed to do so in the most cost effective way possible. Through business process automation, ShipJunction reduced the amount of repetitive manual processes and workflow nodes that were dependent on somebody making a specific decision. An example of this automation is the manual sorting of the pick tickets which was eliminated so now the integrated forms are printed out sorted and sub-divided in a manner that allows them to be picked as efficiently as possible.

WineShop at Home now does not need as many staff to fulfill their orders volumes and their new workflows allowed them to be able to scale much more easily to fulfill their additional growth.

Solution #3: Reduce the amount of complexity

Prior to ShipJunction, the Operations team had to interact with numerous systems throughout the fulfillment workflow such as the order management system, the alcohol compliance system and the carrier shipping systems. ShipJunction provided the glue that connected all these various components and automated the communication between them.

This vastly simplified the workflows and reduced the reliance on specialized process training and knowledge for their teams. The new streamlined processes allowed the teams to be easily cross trained across a much larger set of functions which resulted in them being much more nimble in handling unplanned situations. Previously, specific team members held specific knowledge of the process, so there were challenges when one of them would be sick or go on vacation. Now, the whole team is capable of using the entire ShipJunction solution eliminating the problems with staff scheduling.

Due to the ease of use of ShipJunction, the amount of errors was noticeably reduced and training new team members was also vastly simplified.

Solution #4: Optimize shipping expenses

The ShipJunction multi-carrier shipping portal makes it really easy to manage the fulfillment and the shipping across multiple carriers. WineShop at Home used ShipJunction Rate Manager to optimize the carrier and the service level for each individual package. This allowed them to ensure cost efficiency whilst minimizing time in transit for their packages.


“ShipJunction helped us to increase our shipping volume, reduce carrier and labor costs, and created new workflow efficiencies that have allowed our company to easily keep up double digit growth.” Mark Densmore, VP Operations.

If you are experiencing growth like WineShop at Home or are being limited by your current fulfillment processes and systems, you don’t need to hire more people or invest in additional capital investments. Let ShipJunction demonstrate to you how we can help drive higher fulfillment output and improve the overall efficiency of your operations.

WineShop at Home is the only winery to offer its own exclusive, artisan wine brands directly to consumers through its independent wine consultants throughout the country who present in home wine tastings.

Industry: Wine Retail
Headquarters: Napa, CA