About Us

Who we are

The ShipJunction platform integrates best of breed enterprise class technologies that we have used to help build some of the leading eCommerce companies. With many years of experience in the technology and logistics industries, we are experts in software development, warehouse, freight and carrier management.

What we do

Reimagine fulfillment with ShipJunction. We help reduce your carrier shipping costs through our innovative ShipJunction Rate Manager which offers a suite of features allowing you to ship smarter and faster.

Improve the efficiency of your fulfillment workflow with ShipJunction Wave Manager. Through business process automation, many of the administrative steps required to pick, pack and ship are consolidated and automated. We create a much more streamlined and productive fulfillment line in your warehouse.

What our clients are saying...

We really cannot say enough about this software and accompanying service provided by the professionals at ShipJunction. For the past 5 years we have looked at multiple ways to improve our e-commerce shipping operations while also reducing our overall shipping spend; nothing comes close to the ability of ShipJunction to do both simultaneously. And I cannot forget the intangibles here, working with the staff at ShipJunction is an absolute pleasure.

Graham Heard
Director of eCommerce, Billy Reid